Appendix F, Undergraduates Entering UCSC Fall 1997–Spring 2001



When enrolling, students are required to choose either letter grading or Pass/No Pass grading. Students may change the grading option up until the 15th day of instruction.


After the last day to drop a course, students may withdraw from a course whether enrolled for a letter grade or for Pass/No Pass grading. The Academic and Administrative Calendar lists deadlines for withdrawing from a course. After the deadline, students may only withdraw from a course for documented medical or emergency reasons.


If enrolled in a course for a letter grade, students will receive a grade of A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, D, F, W (Withdraw), I (Incomplete), or IP (In Progress). If enrolled in a course for Pass/No Pass, students will receive a grade of P (Pass), NP (No Pass), W (Withdraw), I (Incomplete), or IP (In Progress).

Note: Beginning fall 2001, NP grades will appear on official transcripts of all students, like all other grades.


Beginning fall 2010, undergraduate evaluations are provided at the option of the faculty. In each course for which you receive a grade of D or better (or P), an evaluation of your academic performance may be submitted.

UCSC Grade Point Average

Students who have received a letter grade in at least two-thirds of their credits attempted at UCSC have a UCSC GPA calculated and displayed on their official transcripts. Students who receive letter grades in fewer than 2/3 of their UCSC credits attempted are not eligible for UCSC GPA. Courses taken through the Domestic Exchange Program and UC Extension are not calculated in the UC or the UCSC GPA.

UC Grade Point Average

All students have a UC GPA calculated from courses taken for a letter grade at UCSC, at other UC campuses, and through the Education Abroad Program. The UC GPA is not on the official transcript but is available on MyUCSC when checking grades from a previous quarter. Your UC GPA must be at least 2.0 in order for you to graduate. Courses taken through the Domestic Exchange Program and UC Extension are not calculated in the UC or the UCSC GPA.

Satisfying Requirements

A course graded D or F cannot be used to satisfy a course prerequisite or to satisfy major or general education requirements. Credits earned with a D will not count toward satisfactory academic progress. Any course graded P is equivalent to a C or better and can be used to satisfy general education requirements and will count toward satisfactory academic progress.


The notation I (Incomplete) may be assigned when work for a course is of passing quality but is not complete. Prior arrangements must be made with the instructor for a grade of I. To remove the Incomplete, the student must file a petition and the completed coursework by the deadline on the last day of the following quarter. If an I is not removed by the deadline, it will lapse to F or NP, depending on the grading option in effect. The F and the NP will appear on official transcripts, along with the removal of incomplete notation.


Undergraduates may repeat courses in which they earn a D, F, or No Pass. Courses in which a D or F is earned may not be repeated on a Pass/No Pass basis. Courses in which a grade of No Pass is earned may be repeated on the same basis or for a letter grade. Students may only repeat a maximum of 15 credits for courses in which a grade of D or F was received. In computing the GPA for these repeats, only the grade and corresponding grade points earned the last time the course was taken will be used. After the 15-credit maximum is reached, the GPA will be based on all grades assigned and total credits attempted. Repetition of a course more than once requires the approval of your college.  Credit is not awarded more than once for the same course, but the grade assigned each time the course is repeated will be permanently recorded on the official transcript.

Graduation Requirements

There is no limit on the number of credits graded Pass/No Pass which may be applied toward graduation.

Students must complete all requirements for the major with a grade of P, C (2.0), or better. All undergraduates, regardless of when they entered UCSC, must meet the minimum UC GPA requirement of 2.0 in order to receive a degree from UCSC.

Revised 10/10/12