Transfer Students/Students with Transfer Credit

The following set of guidelines has been compiled to address the particular concerns raised by transfer students. Your success depends on utilizing advisers and office staff when you have questions or need help locating information in sources such as the UCSC General Catalog, the Schedule of Classes, this handbook, and the UCSC web sites that are designed to assist you. As you begin your major, it is important to have personal contact with faculty members in your field who may serve as mentors for graduate school or careers.

Be sure to attend the various academic orientations designed for transfer students, including the campus orientation program, your college’s academic advising orientation, department/major orientations, and workshops sponsored by Services for Transfer and Re-Entry Students (STARS). Introduce yourself to the advisers, and do not hesitate to ask for assistance while you get accustomed to this campus. Consult with your academic preceptor or other advisers at your college to learn success strategies for the special challenges provided by the quarter system. Contact your department/major adviser for guidance in your major or to help facilitate your enrollment if you have satisfied prerequisites at another institution. STARS is available to assist you with locating peers and finding a comfortable niche at UCSC. Tutoring is available in many fields.

Revised 08/05/14