Course Selection Tips for Transfer Students

  • Junior transfers highest priority for first-quarter classes should be those courses needed to make progress in their major.

  • Students who complete the IGETC do not need to meet any additional lower-division general education requirements. By the time you are ready to enroll for your second quarter, you will have spoken with at least one adviser, decided on or declared your major, and formulated or started to formulate an academic plan, so it is important to pursue courses in your major during the first quarter.

  • As you review the Class Search to select your courses, be aware that some classes may duplicate courses for which you have already received transfer credit. Read the catalog description and consult with the department offering the course if you have questions about duplication of credit (see Credit from Another Institution).

  • Consider the day and time listing for both primary classes (such as LEC, LAB, STU, SEM) and secondary discussion sections and laboratories (such as LBS, SES, STS, etc.). You enroll in primary classes by entering the class number on the My UCSC enrollment system. For many classes, an associated secondary section or lab is required, and much of the class is conducted there. In this case, you must also enroll in the required secondary sections (refer to the quarterly Schedule of Classes for detailed instructions for enrolling in classes). Other courses may have optional secondary sections or labs which do not require that you enroll; you sign up for optional sections informally at the first class meeting. If you have child care or job-related constraints, let your instructor know so you can have consideration for specific section times. (Note: many departments “gate” a percentage of seats for transfer students to assure space in a desired or required class.)

  • Your department determines which of your advanced standing courses may be used to satisfy major and minor requirements. Contact your department for further information.

Revised 08/05/14