Declaring Your Major as a Transfer Student

Junior transfer students must declare a major by the deadline in their second quarter. Please check the Academic and Administrative Calendar for deadline information. Specific information and the necessary form is available from Check with the departments prior to your first quarter regarding major prerequisites. Most students are considered “proposed” or “undeclared” majors until they complete the declaration of major petition and gain acceptance into their chosen program. It is important to read the requirements in the UCSC General Catalog and seek advising from the major department early to be sure you meet the requirements necessary to declare the major.

There are certain restrictions on double majors and optional programs for transfer students because of the length of time it may take to complete the degree. Transfer students are expected to complete all university degree requirements and a single major upon completion of 180 credits (12 quarters). Junior transfer students are allowed a maximum of 9 UCSC quarters (three academic years) and 135 UCSC credits to complete a single major. It is also possible for transfer students to undertake double majors, combined majors, or major/minor combinations provided that all requirements for the majors can be completed by the end of 9 UCSC quarters (see Criteria for Double Major/Minor).

Petitions for declaring a major are available online at Just click on the student link and find the Declaration of Major sites. If you have questions, contact your major’s academic adviser. For information regarding major requirements and department orientations, contact the appropriate department/major adviser.

Revised 10/10/12