Changing College Affiliation

If you want to transfer to a different college, the change must be approved by both the current college and the prospective college. Your transfer will normally be approved if you are in good academic and disciplinary standing and you are not a senior (seniors must be affiliated with their new college for at least their final two quarters leading to graduation).  You must satisfy the college core course requirements of your current college before your change of college is approved.

If you live on campus and are considering a change of college, you should discuss this with the housing staff at both your current college and the college to which you intend to transfer. Your request for transfer may be denied if the requested college lacks space .

You must be currently enrolled in order to petition for a college transfer. If you have withdrawn or are on leave of absence from the university, you must return to the college in which you were last enrolled for your first quarter back. If you petition for transfer during your first quarter back, your transfer will be effective the following quarter.

Your change of college affiliation is not official until the start of the effective quarter. Immediately following the official effective date of transfer, your college records will be transferred to the new college by the former college, and you can begin to obtain advising at your new college.

Revised 07/06/16