Monthly Housing Allowance

Effective from the winter quarter of 2022 onwards, your housing allowance rate will be determined based on the location where you attend classes. Starting Dec. 22, 2021, the Veterans Administration (VA) will cease paying the in-person housing allowance rate for classes designated as online or remote instruction. Consequently, UC Santa Cruz is obligated to report such learning modalities as Distance Learning to the VA. If the majority of your classes are classified as distance learning, your housing allowance will be calculated at 50 percent of the national average.

To ensure your housing allowance remains unaffected, we suggest that you carefully select your classes. In the event that any of your classes transition to remote instruction or online format, it is advisable to consider opting for an alternative class, as this change could potentially impact your monthly VA housing allowance.

Monthly Verification of Enrollment 

Starting from the winter quarter of 2022, GI Bill® students will be required to verify their enrollment with the VA on a monthly basis. Once your enrollment has been certified, you will receive a letter explaining the process for monthly verification. It is important to note that this notice will be sent by mail to the address listed in your records with the VA. Failure to certify your attendance for two consecutive months will result in the VA withholding your monthly housing payments until you verify your attendance.

Please ensure to carefully review this information and take the necessary actions to comply with the aforementioned instructions.

Revised: 07/18/23