2013-14 General Catalog

Language Program
218 Cowell College
(831) 459-2054

Program Description

Lower-Division Courses

1. First-Year Yiddish.
Introduces the Yiddish language. Students learn to speak and to ask others in Yiddish about themselves and about common situations (the classroom, work, family), and learn to read and write simple Yiddish texts. (Formerly Introduction to Yiddish.) The Staff

2. First-Year Yiddish.
Follows course 1 (formerly Hebrew 10), expanding vocabulary to include the weather, physical health and sickness, holidays, clothing, etc., and increasing student ability for self-expression using different tenses and grammatical cases. (Formerly Introduction to Yiddish.) Prerequisite(s): course 1 or Hebrew 10 or by consent of instructor. The Staff

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Revised: 09/01/13