Applied Linguistics

2013-14 General Catalog

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Upper-Division Courses

112. Language and Gender. W
Examines the relationship between language and gender. Topics include: gender differences in speech; linguistic gender norms and stereotypes; gender and the construction of identity in discourse; sexuality and language; sexism in language; social, educational, and political implications. (Formerly Languages 112.) S. Okamoto

113. Inter-Cultural Communication. *
Examines intercultural communication and miscommunication between individuals and speech communities, both within North American and global contexts. Through discourse and analytic approaches, students explore cultural stereotypes and interactional expectations, among other issues, that influence the outcome of intercultural communication. (Formerly Languages 113, Cross-Cultural Communication and Miscommunication.) Enrollment restricted to juniors and seniors. Enrollment limited to 25. (General Education Code(s): CC.) Z. Abrams

135. Second Language Teaching. S
Introduces the theories of second-language acquisition and their connection to second-language teaching. Students develop cutting-edge teaching and testing materials, and engage with current scholarship on language instruction. Prerequisite(s): at least one year of college-level study of a foreign language, or its equivalent. Enrollment restricted to juniors and seniors, and by permission of instructor. Students cannot receive credit for this course and course 235. Enrollment limited to 20. The Staff

Graduate Courses

235. Second Language Teaching. S
Helps novice instructors learn about the theory and practice of language teaching and learning. Focuses on current methods used in communicatively oriented classrooms. Topics include: listening comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, and testing/assessment. Students cannot receive credit for this course and course 135. (Formerly Language Studies 201.) Enrollment restricted to graduate students. Enrollment limited to 20. The Staff, Z. Abrams, E. Zyzik

* Not offered in 2013-14

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