Letter of Reciprocity

A Letter of Reciprocity is an official document that can be provided for any student who has completed all of their lower-division general education requirements, and will include completion of university requirements (American History and Institutions and Entry Level Writing Requirement) if satisfied. A Letter of Reciprocity can also be provided for students who have completed their lower-division general education requirements. Students who have satisfied their general education requirements by Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) are not eligible for a Letter of Reciprocity. Students with courses still in progress are also not eligible for a Letter of Reciprocity. To request a Letter of Reciprocity:

  1. Log into MyUCSC ("Full Site Login" for mobile devices) and select Student Center.

  2. Select Undergraduate Student eForms

  3. Select Request Letter of Reciprocity

Revised 08/13/21