Academic Records at UCSC

The Office of the Registrar maintains your official academic record. Instructors are responsible for correcting procedural or clerical grading/evaluation errors. Students are responsible for maintaining a file of their own academic records and notifying the Office of the Registrar immediately in person if there is any problem. In order to keep informed about your academic record, the following important information should be tracked throughout your UCSC career.

  • Enrollments
  • Grade notations
  • Credit earned for the quarter just completed and cumulative earned  
  • UCSC GPA, and UC GPA, if applicable
  • Performance Evaluations for courses taken at UCSC

Carefully review and/or confirm your enrollments via MyUCSC. You are responsible for verifying that your enrollments and requests for letter grades or Pass/No Pass are correct. Errors regarding final grades and evaluations are the student’s responsibility to resolve. See Grades for more information on grade notations. Access to your performance evaluations is also available via MyUCSC.

If a general review of your academic record is necessary, go to your college office. For specific inquiries, go to the Office of the Registrar during normal business hours or call (831) 459-4412.

Revised 10/10/12