Religious Studies

2017-18 General Catalog

Program Statement

Religious studies is not a separate program at UCSC, but students interested in the study of religion can select a degree plan from several majors and complement the requirements from a broad array of courses that focus on religion. Majors particularly appropriate for the study of religion at UCSC include the following: anthropology, history, history of art and visual culture, literature, and philosophy. The Department of History of Art and Visual Culture offers a concentration in religion and visual culture.

Students interested in the study of religion may build an independent program of study by fulfilling the requirements of one of the majors listed above and, under the guidance of a member of the faculty, use elective courses to develop a concentration of study appropriate to their interests and needs. One of the following faculty should be contacted to discuss a course of study in religion at UCSC: Murray Baumgarten (literature), Raoul Birnbaum (history of art and visual culture), Nathaniel Deutsch (history), Triloki N. Pandey (anthropology),  Annapurna Pandey (anthropology), Cynthia Polecritti (history), and Marilyn Westerkamp (history).

Students seeking information on an individual major in religious studies should contact their college academic preceptor.

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Revised: 09/01/17