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Department of Languages and Applied Linguistics
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Program Description

Students interested in acquiring proficiency in German can enroll in language courses from beginning to advanced levels. In addition, students may select from among the following programs: a major or minor in language studies, a major in German studies, a major in literature with an emphasis in German literature, or a major in global economics.

The sequence of lower-division courses 1–6 is aimed at helping students to develop listening and reading comprehension, as well as speaking, reading, and writing skills. Another sequence of lower-division courses, equivalent to levels 1, 2, and 3, consists of courses 1A and 1B, which offer accelerated German language instruction. Courses 1A and 1B are taught sequentially, winter and spring quarters. The German language sequence also includes a course on German Media (German 119); successful completion of German 5 is a prerequisite for this course. Instruction takes place almost exclusively in German.

Placement Exams

Information about this topic can be found under Department of Languages and Applied Linguistics.

Study Abroad

The Office of International (OIE) offers study abroad opportunities in Berlin and Göttingen. Students may spend a summer semester or a full academic year in Berlin  (Berlin European Studies [BEST] or regular course of study) or a summer in Munich. There are two summer programs in Berlin. The summer program at the Freie Universität is self-designed. Students may choose their own curriculum from a variety of available courses (in English or German). The summer program at the Technische Universität is designed for science and engineering majors. Students concentrate on a single engineering course (in English), with visits to relevant companies and research facilities in Berlin. The summer program in Munich (in English) is designed for science, engineering, and environmental studies majors and concentrates on sustainability and green technology, with visits to relevant companies and research facilities. Language requirements for admission to these programs range from little or no German required (summer programs in Berlin and Munich and the BEST program in Berlin to two years of college-level German required (regular course of study in Berlin). Academic and professional internship opportunities are also available to all students on study abroad in programs Germany.

Students may apply to any of these programs at any point in their student career. For the year-long programs, students generally apply in their sophomore year for a junior year abroad. As an exception, some students apply in their junior year for a senior year abroad; such students must sometimes spend an additional quarter at UCSC in order to satisfy all requirements for their major. Courses taken abroad can, with approval of an adviser, be applied to major requirements.

For a list of current programs and requirements, visit the Education Abroad web site at The UCSC Office of International Education web site is For information on credit applied to a major, contact the appropriate department.

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