Reduction in Course Load, W Grades, Withdrawals, and Incompletes

Dropping a course or requesting a W/NP grade notation will affect your payments; you are responsible for promptly reporting the drop or W to the UCSC Veterans Benefit Services office. If, due to mitigating circumstances, you drop a course or withdraw from the university, the reduction or termination of payments will begin on the effective date of the drop. If mitigating circumstances cannot be shown, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will consider the effective date to be the first day of the quarter in which the drop or withdrawal occurs, and you will be charged for an overpayment from the first day of the quarter. A mitigating circumstance is defined as a circumstance beyond the student’s control that hinders the student from pursuing a program of studies. Incompletes are not reported to the VA because at UCSC, incompletes convert to “F” grades if the work is not completed by a specific date.

Revised 10/17/19