VIII. Waiver of Access to Confidential Letters of Recommendation

A. Policy. Applicants may be requested to waive their right of access to confidential letters of recommendation in connection with application for admission, employment, or the receipt of an honor; however, no such waiver will be required as a condition for admission, financial aid, or the receipt of any other service or benefit. On request, applicants or students will be notified of the names of all persons making confidential recommendations to which they have waived the right of access; such recommendations must be used solely for the purpose for which they were specifically intended to retain their confidentiality. Use of the waiver provision is at the discretion of administrative unit heads (e.g. Director of Admissions, Dean of the Graduate Division, Director of Financial Aid, etc.).

B. Procedure. The procedure for waiver of access to confidential letters of recommendation is: Each office requesting letters of recommendation may generate for its own use a form to implement waiver of access to confidential letters of recommendation. Those units requesting letters of recommendation directly from prospective referees should inform them of University policy regarding student access to letters of recommendation. Such information may be included on the form. It should be made clear to applicants that under University policy, waiver of access to letters of recommendation received after January 1, 1975 is optional.