UCSC Administrative Procedures Applying to Disclosure of Information from Student Records

These campus regulations implement the University of California "Policies Applying to Disclosure of Information from Student Records."

The disclosure of information from student records is governed by the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and, in part, by the State of California Education Code. It is the purpose of these policies to provide reasonable interpretations of those laws and to protect students' right of privacy as guaranteed by the Constitution of the State of California. Where the law is silent, the campus shall be guided by two principles: (1) the privacy of an individual is of great weight; and (2) the information in a student's file should be disclosed to the student on request.

I. Definition of Student

II. Definition of Student Records

III. Personally-identifiable Information

IV. Inspection/Review of Admissions Records by Applicants

V. Definition of Legitimate Educational Interest

VI. Notification of Rights

VII. Inspection and Review of Student Records by Students

VIII. Waiver of Access to Confidential Letters of Recommendation

IX. Disclosure of Confidential Information to Third Parties