The Navigator

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1. Introduction to UCSC

Advising | Academic Integrity | Catalog | Catalog Rights | College Affiliation | Transfer Students/Students with Transfer Credit | Enrolling in Courses | Course Credit | Student ID | Address Changes | Student Records | International Students | Veterans | Computing Facilities and Technology Services

2. Paying for Your Education

Your Financial Commitment to the University | Registration Fees | Financial Aid | Student Loans

3. Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree | University Requirements | General Education Requirements | Declaring Majors and Minors | Extension of Enrollment

4. Measuring Academic Progress

Academic Integrity | Course Credit | Evaluating Academic Performance | Undergraduate Grading Policies | Grade Point Averages | Academic Standing and Minimum Progress | Minimum Progress for All Undergraduates | Repeating Courses | Questioning Grades and Evaluations | Formally Disputing a Grade or Evaluation | Final Examination

5. Educational Options

Summer Session | Exchange Programs | Field and Internship Programs | Special Approval Courses (Individual Study) | Student-Directed Seminars | Credit from Another Institution | Extension Courses | Limited Status and Second Baccalaureate

6. Withdrawal, Leave of Absence, Administrative Cancellation and Reinstatement, Readmission

Withdrawal from the University | Leave of Absence | Administrative Cancellation | Reinstatement After Lapse of Student Status | Readmission

7. When You're Ready to Graduate

Apply to Graduate | Graduation Certification | Degree Verification | Date of Degree and Graduation Ceremony | Diplomas | Graduation Checklist

Appendix A. The UCSC Principles of Community

Appendix B. Student Policies and Regulations

Appendix C. Student Policies and Regulations

Appendix D. Undergraduate Petitions, Forms, and Actions

Appendix E. Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act Report

Appendix F. Undergraduates Entering UCSC Fall 1997–Spring 2001

Appendix G. Policy Applying to Students Who Entered UCSC Before Fall 2001