FAQs for Faculty: Evaluations

Q: When did evaluations become optional? [show]

A: Evaluations became optional for undergraduate students in fall 2009, and for graduate students in fall 2010.

Q: How can I obtain access to the evaluations system? [show]

A: All teaching faculty may access evaluations for their courses on MyUCSC. No account request is needed.

Q: How do I submit my evaluations? [show]

A: Instructors may submit evaluations through MyUCSC or by email to nes@ucsc.edu. Clicking on the "Save" button in MyUCSC saves the evaluation in the system and makes it available to the student immediately. Instructors may edit previously written evaluations in the same manner. If you email your evaluations, Registrar's staff will upload them within 30 days of receipt. For more detailed information, please refer to these pages:

Q: How can I change an evaluation? [show]

A: Log into MyUCSC.

Click on Faculty Center.

Select Evaluations.

Click the Class ID for the class you want.

Click the Eval link next to the student you want.

Click Edit Evaluation (below the text of the evaluation).

Make the changes to the evaluation.

Click Save.

Q: When can I enter evaluations through MyUCSC? [show]

A: Starting the Friday before the last week of instruction, the term will appear when you go to the Main Menu and select Faculty Center, then Evaluations.

Q: Can I still submit evaluations via email? [show]

A: Yes. You may download headers using the "savable eval data" button on the MyUCSC class roster or grade roster. Directions for downloading evaluation headers can be found here. Send properly formatted evaluations to nes@ucsc.edu.

Q: Nothing is happening when I click Savable Eval Data. What's wrong? [show]

A: Turn off your browser's pop-up blocker. Instructions can be found here.

Q: Where do I send my evaluations when they are completed? [show]

A: If you are sending evaluations by email, send them to nes@ucsc.edu.

Q: How do I find out the due date for my evaluations? [show]

A: Please check the online version of the Academic and Administrative Calendar for all due dates.

Q: For which courses do I need to write evaluations? [show]

A: Effective fall 2009 for undergraduate students and fall 2010 for graduate students, evaluations are optional, and are completed at the discretion of the instructor. In each course for which a grade of D or better (or P) is given, the student may receive an evaluation of their academic performance at the instructor’s discretion. Faculty may also write an evaluation for a course in which a student receives an F, NP, or W, but the evaluation does not appear on an official transcript.

Q: How do I make sure that my evaluations are processed in a timely manner? [show]

A: Please read Formatting Evaluations for Email Submission. This document contains detailed instructions and examples of how to submit your evaluations. Please make sure your file contains the course and student headers. For instructions on obtaining these headers, go to Submitting Evaluations Through Email. Files which do not contain headers may be delayed and/or returned to you for proper formatting. Email your evaluations to nes@ucsc.edu.

Q: Does the Registrar's Office proofread my evaluations? [show]

A: No, we do not edit any part of the evaluations. We scan email submissions for the appropriate course and student headers, then upload them.

Q: How do I know that my evaluations have been received and uploaded to the system? [show]

A: We send a confirmation email message within five days after we receive your email.  Evaluations will be entered into the system within 30 days of receipt. If you input the evaluations yourself via MyUCSC, each evaluation will be submitted as soon as you click the "Save" button.

Q: How do I learn about missing evaluations? [show]

A: Effective fall 2009 for undergraduate students and fall 2010 for graduate students, evaluations are instructor-optional. Instructors can log in to MyUCSC to learn about their missing evaluations. Detailed instructions are available here.

Q: What if my question is not answered on this page? [show]

A: Questions can be directed to the Registrar's Office at nes@ucsc.edu, or 459-4682.

Revised: 05/30/23