FAQs for Faculty: Enrollment

Q: When are permission numbers required for enrollment? [show]

A: Permission numbers are required to add all classes except for independent studies after the seventh day of instruction. Also, departments may close a class at any time prior to the seventh day and manage enrollments using permission numbers.

Q: How do I administratively delete a student from my class or waitlist? [show]

A: Only students who do not attend the first class meeting or students who don't meet prerequisites* should be deleted administratively. To remove a student from a class, fax (9-5051), e-mail (registrar@ucsc.edu), or send via campus mail one of the following:

1) List of students to be deleted, including students’ first and last name, student ID number, course ID (WRIT 2) and course number (32579); or

2) Annotate "admin delete" on the class roster next to the name of the student(s) who did not attend the first class meeting, or who did not meet class prerequisites. Please send as soon as possible after the first class meeting or no later than the first week of instruction. *Students are automatically dropped for failed prerequisites prior to the start of instruction. If a grade roster or change is entered after the start of instruction, a student who does not meet prerequisite must be deleted manually.

Revised: 05/23/17