FAQs for Faculty: Enrollment

Q: When are permission numbers required for enrollment? [show]

A: In fall, winter, and spring, pPermission numbers are required to add all classes except for independent studies after the seventh day of instruction. Also, departments may close a class at any time prior to the seventh day and manage enrollments using permission numbers.

In summer, the Summer Session Office manages permission numbers and enrollment support. Contact summer@ucsc.edu.

Q: How do I administratively delete a student from my class or waitlist? [show]

A: In fall, winter, and spring, only students who do not attend the first class meeting or students who don't meet prerequisites* may be deleted administratively. 

Beginning on the first day of instruction through the end of the first week of instruction (the day before class permission numbers are required), the primary instructor may administratively drop students directly from the primary class roster. To drop students from your class, check the box next to each student to be dropped, and select the Drop Selected Students button at the bottom of this roster. You will have an opportunity to confirm your selection before the drop is processed. If you would like to drop students who are wait-listed for your class, select Waiting from the Enrollment Status drop-down menu above.

If the drop status is not successful for a student (due to corequisites or a drop hold), please email registrar@ucsc.edu in fall, winter and spring quarters and summer@ucsc.edu in the summerand we will manually process the drop if possible. In your email, please include the students’ first and last name, student ID number, course ID (WRIT 2) and course number (32579). Please send as soon as possible after the first class meeting and no later than the first week of instruction. 

If a dropped student needs to be added back to the class, please ask the student to re-enroll. During fall, winter, and spring quarters, beginning on the eighth day of instruction, you will need to issue a permission number. Over the summer session, students can only re-enroll until the session add deadline.

*Students are automatically dropped for failed prerequisites prior to the start of instruction. If a grade is posted or updated after the start of instruction, a student who does not meet prerequisites must be deleted manually.

Q: I dropped a student but they are showing up on my class roster. How did that happen? [show]

A: In fall, winter, and spring, students are able to add without permission until the eighth day of instruction, so students may appear on your roster again. Unfortunately, we are not able to prevent this. You can allow the student to remain enrolled in the course and communicate enrollment and participation expectations and how missing the first class meeting will affect their performance. Conversely, if they should not have been allowed to re-enroll, you may work with your department to close off enrollment for your course, resubmit the drop, and have any additional students enroll by permission number.

In summer, the student may have re-enrolled before the add deadline.

Revised: 07/28/23