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Language Program
218 Cowell College
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Program Description

Students interested in acquiring proficiency in Portuguese may choose to enroll in either of two accelerated introductory tracks: courses 1A–B are designed as a two-quarter sequence for students who have no previous experience with the Romance languages; courses 60A-B comprise a two-quarter sequence designed for students who have a strong background in the Romance languages (typically Spanish) or some previous rudimentary knowledge of Portuguese. Both tracks are accelerated. A second-year Portuguese sequence, also accelerated (courses 65A–B), follows the first-year sequence, and is offered over two quarters. The completion of this sequence fulfills the two-year language requirement for study abroad programs.

The program is aimed at enabling students to gain proficiency in listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. Instruction takes place in Portuguese from the beginning and draws heavily on Brazilian culture through popular music and cinema.

Campus Language Laboratories and Placement Exams

Information about these topics can be found under Language Program.

Study Abroad

Students may apply to spend time either in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil or in Salvador (Bahia) through the Office of International Education (OIE). Courses taken abroad can, with approval of an adviser, be applied to major requirements. For a list of current programs and requirements, visit their web site, http://oie.ucsc.edu. For information on credit applied to a major, contact the appropriate department.

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