Waivers or Appeals

The Student Policies and Regulations Handbook is published by Student Affairs. You may request a copy from that office or read it online. All other page references are from The Navigator. Below is a reference guide of where to find information regarding various waivers and appeals.



Academic Disqualification

Navigator section 4

Activity Scheduling

Policies & Regulations 40.105

Barred Enrollment

Navigator section 4

Catalog Rights

Navigator section 1

Contested Charges

Navigator section 2

Final Examination Modifications

Navigator section 4

Grades (grievance procedure)

Navigator section 4

Late Fees

Navigator section 2

Office of the UCSC Campus Ombuds

Navigator section 8

Privacy of Records

Navigator section 1

Senior Residence Requirement

Navigator section 3

Student Conduct & Discipline

Policies & Regulations 100.00

Student Grievance Procedures

Policies & Regulations 110.00

Substitution or Waivers of General Education Requirements

Navigator section 3

University Property, use of

Policies & Regulations 40.00

Revised 07/05/19