Phase III - Academic Advisement Reporting (AAR)

This phase addresses functionality commonly known as degree audit reporting, and known on our campus as Academic Advisement Reporting (AAR). Currently, AAR is programmed and displayed to students and advisers using functionality built into our AIS student information system.

AAR reporting involves programming for general University graduation requirements; General Education requirements; qualification requirements for every major; and the specific requirements for every degree, minor, designated emphasis, and certificate offered on campus.

The AAR system in AIS is very robust, but extremely complicated. We have not yet been able to program all programs on campus, and maintaining year-to-year changes in programs is difficult and time consuming.

Finally, the AIS interface for displaying a student’s progress is not user-friendly. It is difficult to find the information students are looking for and not easy to use.

We will address these shortcomings in Phase III of the project. We are considering several options, some of which may be used in tandem:
  • Third party degree audit systems
  • Hiring a consultant to assist with AAR development and document best practices to improve report development efficiency
  • Improving AAR and report display through custom modifications
  • Consider third party software to display AAR data, but continue to use AIS to develop AAR reports and compile the data

Phase III has not yet been funded.