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CAT Help

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What's New in CAT

NEW: Course form updates Fall 2022 / online instruction

New Features and Best Practices for CAT Users for the 2021-22 Academic Cycle

Feature-specific documents (also linked from within the above document:



CAT Changes for 2020-21 Academic Cycle


General CAT Help Documents

CAT Basics

Explains the basics of the CAT system, including an overview of the dashboards and forms, as well as addressing specific problems that have caused issues with users.


Additionally, we have several smaller help documents on specific topics:

Cutting and Pasting Copy into CAT

How to Track Your Department's or Unit's Requests



Help Documents Specific to Courses

Course Reference Form

Reference document for the course form, including required fields, important information about filling out the form, and a complete set of the supplemental questions that may need to be filled out.

Course Approval Workflow


Help Documents Specific to Program Statement

Adding and Managing Nested Course Lists

Program Statement Approval Workflow