Phase II - Scheduling and Associated Processes

Currently, information for curriculum planning, leave planning, and scheduling is initially entered into a system called CCLP. CCLP scheduling information is exported to AIS and becomes the basis of the quarterly class schedule. CCLP leave information and scheduling information is also used by departments and divisions to help manage faculty workload and temporary academic staffing budgets.

CCLP runs on a platform that is no longer supportable by the University and needs to be replaced. It is difficult to maintain and has a significant support burden. There is an integration between CCLP and AIS, but there is still a lot of manual processing involved.

We have been discussing and researching Phase II since 2018 as time has allowed, but have focused on Phase II only since Fall 2019.

We are considering several options:
  • Using functionality built into our AIS student information system
  • Enhancing AIS functionality through custom modifications
  • Using third-party technology for curriculum planning and scheduling
  • Using InfoView and the Data Warehouse to replace CCLP reporting functions