Smoke-Free Policy

To protect the rights of the nonsmoking campus community to breathe smoke-free air, UCSC has adopted a Policy for a Smoke-Free Environment. This policy prohibits smoking in all indoor areas of all nonresidential public buildings on campus and in common areas such as lobbies, lounges, waiting areas, and rest rooms of residential buildings. Smoking is also prohibited in the outside areas beside all building doorways, windows, and ventilation air intakes; this includes patios underneath building windows or other areas where smoke could enter openings to buildings. For more detailed information about the smoking policy, see the Environmental Healty and Safety web site.

Tobacco products will not be sold on campus either through vending machines or campus establishments. UCSC supports and assists efforts to stop smoking by providing literature and referrals to community cessation programs. Students may obtain information about the programs from the Cowell Student Health Center, 459-2211.

Revised 10/10/12