Discipline and Penalties

All members of the university community are expected to comply with applicable federal and state laws, local ordinances, and campus policies governing alcohol and other drugs. These policies are addressed in detail in the UCSC Student Policies and Regulations Handbook, Appendix D, Alcohol and Drug Policy, and in sections 102.17 and 102.18.

Students violating the UCSC Alcohol and Drug Policy will be subject to disciplinary procedures and sanctions, which may include restitution, treatment, loss of housing, suspension, and dismissal. Notice of disciplinary suspension or dismissal is posted to the student’s official academic record (i.e., transcript).

In addition to disciplinary actions, students may face alcohol and other drug-related legal penalties such as:

  • loss of driver’s license for one year for individuals under 21 found drunk in public or in possession of alcohol and/or other controlled substances;
  • fine up to $100 for possession of less than one ounce of marijuana for personal use;
  • fine or jail sentence for possession of one or more ounce(s) of marijuana for personal use;
  • civil fines up to $10,000 per violation, jail sentence, and denial of federal benefits (e.g., financial aid) for simple possession of controlled substances (e.g., narcotics, hallucinogens);
  • state prison sentence for manufacture, cultivation, sale, or distribution of illicit drugs.

Revised 08/03/15