Students are issued a diploma after their degree has been awarded. Diplomas are available three to four months after the end of the term in which the degree was awarded. Diplomas are automatically mailed to the permanent address listed on MyUCSC. Permanent address may be updated on MyUCSC.

The name on your diploma will appear exactly as it does on university records. Currently enrolled students, who have had a legal name change, may change their name through the Office of the Registrar.

Replacement of a Diploma

There is only one original diploma. To request a replacement diploma, complete a Diploma Replacement request Form and attach a $75 check made payable to “UC Regents,” and send to the Office of the Registrar (see address below.)  All diploma reorders will have a small notation indicating the replacement.

Replacement diplomas can take anywhere from four to six weeks weeks.

Correct the Name on a Diploma

If you have graduated and have had a legal change of name you may request a replacement diploma with the new legal name. Complete a Diploma Replacement request Form, attach legal documentation noting the change of name and a $75 check made payable to “UC Regents,” and send to the Office of the Registrar via mail or in person. This diploma will also have a notation indicating the replacement.

You can view more information about diplomas here.

Billing Hold

Students can have various billing holds placed on their account, which can include the withholding of ordering a diploma with UC Santa Cruz’s printing vendor. To have a hold released, review the hold information in your portal and reach out to the directed contacts and office that placed the hold in order to resolve it. The Office of the Registrar does not place this hold.

Mailing Address

Office of the Registrar
190 Hahn Student Services
1156 High Street
University of California, Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, CA 95064-1077

Revised: 06/29/22