Key Dates for Registration and Enrollment

Fall Quarter 2024

Fall 2024 Registration FeesRegistration Payment Information | Payment of Fees | Health Insurance | Part-Time Study for Undergraduates | Financial Aid

Key Dates for Registration and Enrollment

  • May 13-17—Advising Week; Validate Enrollment Shopping Cart

  • May 20—Enrollment Begins for Graduate Students and Priority Groups, By Appointment

  • May 21—Enrollment Begins for Undergraduates, By Appointment

  • May 28—Second-Pass Enrollment Begins (and Waitlist Opens), By Appointment

  • Sept. 18—Undergraduate Registration Fees Due
  • Sept. 30—Undergraduate Enrollment Deadline

  • Oct. 5—Permission Numbers Required

  • Oct. 10—Graduate Enrollment and Fee Payment Deadline
  • Oct. 16—Add/Drop/Swap Ends

  • Sept. 26-Nov. 6—Withdraw from a Class

  • April 20–May 31— Late Add with Fee Period (to add a class late with permission number)

  • Dec. 1—Grade Change Option Deadline

Fall 2024 Registration Fees

Registration fees are set by the UC Board of Regents of the University of California. Fees, tuition, and other charges are subject to change without advance notice.

Undergraduate student registration fees are available at Fees.

Registration Payment Information

Billing Statements

For information on billing statements, see the Student Business Center. You can view your account activity on MyUCSC by going to My Account $ or by going to Student Center, and then selecting Account activity

Payment of Fees

Deadline to pay registration fees is Wednesday, Sept. 18, for undergraduates and Thursday, Oct. 10, for graduate students. Fees are paid at the Financial Service Center. The deadline is based on payment being received by the cashier by 4:00 p.m. on the due date. Postmarks will not be used to validate on-time payment.

See the Financial Aid section below if:

  • you applied for financial aid, but have not been notified of your eligibility; or

  • you received your financial aid Offer Letter, but financial aid credits do not appear on your account summary on the MyUCSC portal.

See Withdrawal, Leave of Absence, and Readmission in The Navigator for information about refunds for registration fees.

Health Insurance

The University of California requires that all students be covered by health insurance and UCSC offers plans specifically designed to meet the needs of students. Information on health insurance requirements and plans is available at the Health Center website.

Part-Time Study for Undergraduates

If you are unable to maintain a full-time program of study because of employment responsibilities, family obligations, or a medical condition, or you are in your final quarter before graduation, you may be eligible for a 50 percent reduction in the educational fee and in the nonresident tuition fee (if applicable). To qualify for reduced fees, you must be approved for the Part-Time Program and be enrolled in 10 quarter credits or fewer. If you exceed 10 credits in a quarter, you must pay full fees. The last day to apply for the Undergraduate Part-Time Program for fall quarter 2024 is Oct. 16.

For information regarding the Part-Time Program, see the Part-Time Program page, or call the Office of the Registrar at (831) 459-4412 before the deadline listed above.

Financial Aid

Information on Financial Aid disbursement, billing, and application dates is available on the Financial Aid website.

If you still have questions, contact the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office at (831) 459-2963 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Revised: 05/13/24