Federal Student Right-to-Know Act

The following graduation-rate information is listed in compliance with the 1990 Title I: Federal Right-to-Know Act, Section 103. Based on recent data, 48.6 percent of students who entered UCSC as frosh in 1999 graduated after four years, and 65.0 percent of those who entered in 1998 graduated after five years. In recent years, students who entered as frosh took an average of four and one-half years to graduate, and students transferring to UCSC as juniors averaged two and one-half years. These graduation rates are well above the national averages.

In accordance with the Education Amendments of 1976, Section 493A, more detailed information regarding retention is available from the Office of Planning and Budget, University of California, Santa Cruz, 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95064. More information is also available on the Institutional Research and Policies web site.

Revised 10/10/12