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The Writing Program offers courses designed to help students become more competent and confident writers of prose. The courses offered through this program teach conceptual strategies about writing as well as applied strategies of invention, composition, revision, and editing. These courses approach writing as a way of making discoveries about ourselves and the world and of communicating these insights to others.

The Writing Program administers the writing component (C) of the campus general education requirements; administers the Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR); and provides information to students about ways to fulfill these requirements. In collaboration with the colleges, the Writing Program administers the Academic Literacy Curriculum.

The Writing Program offers lower-division courses that satisfy the C general education (GE) requirement (Writing 2/Writing 2H) and the ELWR, a systemwide requirement (Writing 1/Writing 1E). It also offers the multilingual curriculum (Writing 25, 26), which prepares students placed into the curriculum for subsequent classes. In addition, the program offers instruction for undergraduates in the theory and practice of peer tutoring (Writing 169 and Writing 159) and instruction for graduate students from all disciplines in the theory and practice of teaching first-year composition courses (Writing 203).

See the Writing Program website for information about campus writing requirements.

The Writing Program houses the Don Rothman Endowed Award in First-Year Writing. This award honors outstanding first-year writers and recognizes the pedagogical inspirations of their teachers.

Courses in creative writing are offered through the Literature Department.

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