2022-23 Course Fees

Note for financial aid recipients: A modest allowance for course materials fees is included in the cost of attendance budget on which your financial aid is based. If high course material fee costs are preventing you from enrolling in a course(s) and you need additional assistance, contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss your options.

Art | Biochemistry| Biology: EEB | Biology: MCDB | Biomolecular Engineering | ChemistryDigital Arts and New Media | Earth and Planetary Sciences | Electrical and Computer Engineering | Environmental Studies | Film and Digital Media | Music


ART 155 Photo Field Research Quarter (PFRQ): California Road Trip $550
ART 184 3D Art and Design Studio 1 $120
ART 185, 3D Art and Design: Printing and Prototyping $120
ART 188 Intermediate/Advanced Sculpture (Foundry) $175

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

BIOC 110L Advanced Biochemistry Laboratory $350

Biology: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

BIOE 75 Scientific Diving Certification $440
BIOE 82 Introduction to Field Research and Conservation $180
BIOE 114L Field Methods in Herpetological Research $435
BIOE 128L Large Marine Vertebrates Field Course $100
BIOE 137L Molecular Ecology Laboratory $120
BIOE 150L Ecological Field Methods Laboratory $120
BIOE 151B Ecology and Conservation in Practice Supercourse $1,450
BIOE 153A Introduction to Arctic Ecology $2,570
BIOE 155L Freshwater Ecology Laboratory $145
BIOE 159A Marine Ecology Field Quarter $3,000
BIOE 161L Kelp Forest Ecology Laboratory $500

Biology: Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology

BIOL 115L Eukaryotic Molecular Biology Laboratory $125
BIOL 121L Environmental Phage Biology Laboratory $120

Biomolecular Engineering

BME 128L Protein Engineering Laboratory $140


CHEM 146B Advanced Laboratory in Inorganic Chemistry $240

Digital Arts and New Media

DANM 219 Introduction to Electronics for Artmaking $118

Earth and Planetary Sciences

EART 189B Summer Field Study $1,000

Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE 157L RF Hardware Design Lab $112

Environmental Studies

ENVS 107A Natural History Field Quarter $800
ENVS 109B Ecology and Conservation in Practice Supercourse $1,450

Film and Digital Media

FILM 170B Fundamentals of Film and Video Production $190
FILM 171A Sound $161
FILM 171F Special Topics Workshop: Autobiographical Film $210
FILM 171S Special Topics in Film and Digital Media Production $175
FILM 172 Narrative Video Workshop $292
FILM 173 Narrative Digital Media Workshop $210
FILM 175 Documentary Video Workshop $210
FILM 176 Experimental Video Workshop $210
FILM 178A Personal Computers in Film and Video $147
FILM 196A Senior Project in Narrative Production $292
FILM 196C Senior Documentary Workshop $292


MUSC 59 Opera Workshop $100
MUSC 60 Fundamental Keyboard Skills $150
MUSC 61 Individual Lessons: Half Hour $350
MUSC 62 Individual Lessons: One Hour $650
MUSC 63 Group Instrumental and Vocal Lessons $100
MUSC 161 Individual Lessons: One Hour $650
MUSC 162 Advanced Individual Lessons: One Hour $650
MUSC 196B Senior Recital Preparation (with individual lessons) $650
MUSC 261 Graduate Applied Instruction $650

Revised: 05/09/22