Classroom Reservation / Event Requests 

Classroom reservation requests for ad hoc events in General Assignment Classrooms may be made using the form linked below. Please review the guidelines and information below before submitting your request. 

KRESGE Advisory: At this time ad hoc events in the Kresge Academic Center Classrooms are limited. No events may be scheduled on Saturdays before 5:30pm. There are no exceptions. These rooms continue to require critical construction and infrastructure updates that must take place outside of class meeting times. Thank you for your patience. We will open these rooms when the work is complete.

Classroom lock outs: General Assignment Classrooms are unlocked on weekdays from 7:00am until roughly 10pm. The Registrar's Office does not have keys to classrooms. If the room is locked on weekdays, or for you approved weekend event, call Custodial Front Desk 831-459-2163 (if no one is available, call the workorder desk at 831-459-4444).


Summary of limitations for classroom event reservations
Blackout dates (no classroom reservations allowed):
  • M-F: First two weeks of instruction (fall/winter/spring)
  • Final exam week (fall/winter/spring) 
    • (Opens for ad hoc scheduling Week 8 or 9)
  • Pre-fall / Welcome Weeks (first two weeks prior to fall instruction)
  • Alumni Weekend (mid-April)
  • Commencement Weekend (mid-June, Fri-Mon see Key Dates)
  • M-F: First week of Summer Session instruction 
  • Campus Closures and Holidays


    • Sponsorship from a UCSC department or office is required.
    • General Assignment Classrooms may be reserved no earlier than 8AM and no later than 11PM. No exceptions. 
    • Classrooms are closed to all events during holidays and campus closure.
    • Media Support: To arrange for classroom media and payment where applicable, visit Classroom Media or email
    • Student organization must be registered with Dean of Students, Athletics, or SOMeCA.
    • SOMeCA orgs: please visit the SOMeCA site for Event Guidlines and approval process. Organizations cannot reserve classrooms until basic registration has been completed.
    • Food and Drink: It is assumed that no food and drink are consumed in classrooms. Absolutely no food and drink are allowed in library classrooms (McHenry 1340 , McHenry 1350, Sci & Eng 206)
    • Scheduling in Sci & Eng Library 206, McHenry 1340 and McHenry 1350 are limited to instructor, TA, staff.
    • Classrooms may not be used for personal office hours or TA hours. 

    Limitations and timing:

    • Summer: M-F requests will be reviewed after the first week of instruction.
    • Pre-Fall / Welcome Requests: Event requests during the two weeks prior to fall instruction are at the discretion of the Orientation Office. Contact
    • Fall / Winter / Spring: 
      • M-F requests will be reviewed after the 2nd week of instruction. Requests during the first two weeks of instruction.
      • M-Th 8am-11pm and F 8am-5:15pm are blocked from reservations for the first two weeks of instruction. 
    • Final Exams: Reservation requests during final exam week will be declined or delayed until all exams are scheduled (week 8 or later). 
    • Weekends (Fridays after 5:20 and Saturday/Sunday):
      • Most weekend requests may be approved, with the exception of Alumni Weekend (April), Commencement Weekend (June), campus closure, and holidays.
      • NOTE: Requests for the immediate weekend received after 12 pm on the prior Friday will be rejected. 
    • We may suggest or make modifications to your event times so that they fit within the academic schedule. 
    • Response to requests will require a minimum of 2-3 business days, sometimes longer during our busiest times. Same-day requests are not advised. 


    Ready to schedule your classroom reservation? Select the link below to get started.


    Classroom Availability / Troubleshooting:

    • Request form Video Guide
    • Repeat Meeting Option: If your event plans to meet regularly (i.e. every Saturday for the quarter), use the Repeat field to specify [1] the frequency (usually weekly); and [2] "Ends" to indicate the last meeting day. Please avoid using "meets after x times"
    • We recommend selecting classrooms by what's available and meets your capacity needs.
    • Searching for rooms:
      • The system's room naming conventions are often different from what we say or use in conversation! Start by either searching for the first two letters of the name of the room or [better] by room number.
      • Use Features to help you identify rooms that meet the physical needs and areas of campus (i.e. "moveable chairs" and Cowell/Stevenson )
      • Use Room Type to help you identify Large Lecture classrooms (50 or more seats) or General Assignment (49 seats or less).
        • Note that "Department" and "Online / Remote" room types do not have classrooms associated.
    • If you don't see the preferred classroom available or a room with the capacity / features needed, it may be because there's a conflict with another event or class meeting. Try adjusting your planned dates/times or choose another classroom.

    • If you are a staff or faculty member who would benefit from in-application access to the classroom reservation system which includes a calendar view of classrooms, please email us at


    Stay informed of health and safety protocols -
    For cancellations / changes / questions please contact 
    UCSC Curriculum Management and Scheduling