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Program Description

Students interested in acquiring proficiency in Spanish can enroll in a wide range of Spanish language or Spanish for Heritage speakers (SPHS) courses, from beginning to advanced levels. The language and culture sequences of lower-division courses, Spanish 1-6 as well as Spanish for Heritage Speakers 4-6, and upper-division series Spanish 156 and Spanish 150-153 courses are aimed at enabling students to gain proficiency in aural comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing as well as meta-linguistic and cultural competence. Students are strongly encouraged to finish year-long sequences without interruption and, if possible, to study in Spanish-speaking countries. Students can pursue a major in Spanish Studies or select from among several programs that require some coursework in Spanish, including: a major or minor in language studies, a major in literature with an emphasis in Spanish/Latin American/Latino literatures, a major in Latin American and Latino studies, or a major in global economics.


Students interested in taking Spanish classes are required to take the placement examination ( to enroll in the appropriate level. Students finishing a first year of instruction in Spanish (1-2-3) are encouraged to continue on to second-year (intermediate-level) by taking Spanish 4, 5, and 6. First-year students also have the option of enrolling in the accelerated sequence (1A and 1B), which is equivalent to three quarters of language study.

Health science and human biology majors have priority enrollment in Spanish 5M, Medical Spanish, but others may enroll if there is space availability. Students are also encouraged to continue with the third-year Spanish 114 and the Spanish 156 and Spanish 150-153 series in which a wide variety of topics are covered. For more information on the courses offered in Spanish, please see the course descriptions.

Spanish for Heritage Speakers

SPHS has been developed for heritage speakers who, although raised in Spanish-speaking communities or households, are not yet fully proficient in Spanish. SPHS courses take into account the experiences and influences of bilingual and bicultural upbringing.

SPHS students are required to attend a group tutoring session once a week in addition to the regular class meetings. Some lower-division and all upper-division courses can fulfill requirements for several majors or departments, such as American studies, education, global economics, language studies, and Latin American and Latino studies.

Campus Language Laboratories and Placement Exams

Information about these topics can be found under Department of Languages and Applied Linguistics.

Study Abroad

The Office of International Education (OIE) offers programs ranging from four weeks (Summer Session) in Cuernavaca, Mexico to one quarter or one academic year in Buenos Aires; Argentina, Santiago, Chile; San Jose and Monteverde, Costa Rica; Morelia and Monterrey, Mexico, and Cordoba, Madrid, Alcala, Barcelona, and Granada, Spain. Generally, students must have completed Spanish 6 or SPHS 6 by the end of the sophomore year to qualify for a junior year abroad. Courses taken abroad can, with approval of an adviser, be applied to major requirements. For more information, see the OIE web site, ( For information on credit applied to a particular major, contact the appropriate department.

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