Apply to Graduate

Follow the instructions at How to Apply for Graduation to apply on MyUCSC.

Download the pdf form at Apply/Reapply for Graduation (Undergraduates).

If you are unable to apply online or need to reschedule your graduation application, please use the form below. Prior to completing the form, determine if you satisfy the requirements for graduation. Be sure to include all in-progress coursework.

Verify that you:

  • Completed 180 credits;

  • Have a minimum UC GPA of 2.0;

  • Satisfied American History and Institutions requirement;

  • Satisfied Entry Level Writing Requirement (formerly Subject A);

  • Satisfied General Education Requirements;

  • Satisfied College requirement(s);

  • Satisfied all Major(s) and Minor(s) requirements;

  • Satisfied the Senior Exit Requirements for your major(s);

  • Satisfied the Senior Residence Requirement.

Note: Students who apply to graduate who are not currently enrolled and were not enrolled in the preceding quarter will be billed a $60 records reactivation fee. Students applying for graduation after the posted Apply for Graduation deadline will be billed a $60 late application fee. Do not submit payment with this form. You will be sent a bill after it has been determined that you owe a fee.

If ALL requirements will be satisfied by the end of the quarter in which you are applying, please complete and return the Apply/Reapply for Graduation (Undergraduates) form to Office of the Registrar, 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95064, or fax it to (831) 459-5051.

Revised: 07/08/13