FAQs for Students: Wait List

During one's wait-list appointment, students may begin adding up to 10 wait-list credits of wait-list credits. Students can see their wait-list appointment by clicking on "details" under "Enrollment Dates" in MyUCSC.

Most undergraduate courses and select graduate courses have a wait list. To confirm a class has a wait list, click on the class number or title in the Class Search to bring up the Class Details. Students may sign up on a wait list if there is a Wait-List Capacity and the class is full or students are on the wait list. During the enrollment process, you will have the option to select the "wait list if class is full" checkbox. Classes with an orange triangle on the Class Search have students on a wait list.

Q: How do I sign up for a wait list? [show]

A: Log into MyUCSC. For detailed help, the following documents (with screen shots) are available:

Q: Once I am on the wait list, how do I get enrolled? [show]

A: Through the eighth day of instruction, a process is run every half-hour during normal business hours to automatically enroll students from the wait list when seats become available. Daily emails are sent confirming successful enrollment from the wait list.

Your wait-list position will be skipped if you have scheduled the course with a time conflict or have attempted to enroll in more than your allotted credits. When signing up for a wait list, it is important to make sure you do not have any scheduling conflicts. If you are signing up for the wait list and plan to drop one of your courses, it is important to use "Swap" instead of "Add." If you remain on the wait list at the start of instruction, attend the first class meeting to determine if you will be able to enroll. After the start of instruction, departments may decide to drop the enrollment capacity of the course to zero and manage all enrollment by permission number.

Q: How do I view my position on the wait list? [show]

A: To view your position on the wait list, log in to MyUCSC.

1. Go to Main Menu > My Student Center > My Student Center

2. Under the Academics heading on the top left of the page is a drop-down menu that says "more links ..." Select Class Schedule from that menu and click the Go button.

3. Your wait-listed classes will be shown on the Class Schedule page, and your wait-list position is shown in the Wait-List Position column.

Q: What is the advantage of enrolling on a wait list? [show]

A: Enrolling on the wait list is a way to indicate your interest in enrolling in a class. While being on the wait list does not guarantee a seat in the class, once a spot becomes available the system will attempt to “auto-enroll" students. When signing up for the wait list it is important to make sure you do not have any time conflicts and you have indicated the swap you would like to take place if enrolled from the wait list. If there is one of these errors, the process will fail to enroll you, and move on to the next person on the wait list. The wait-list position number may not be the order in which students enroll.

Q: Do all classes have a wait list? [show]

A: All eligible undergraduate courses and select graduate courses have a wait list, with the exception of some courses that require concurrent enrollment in another course. Independent study, special study, and interview-only courses do not have a wait list.

If a credit-bearing lab with a corequisite lecture has a wait list, you must first wait list into the lab. Once you are enrolled in the lab, you will be able to enroll in the lecture.

Q: How many credits can I have on my wait list? [show]

A: You may add yourself to 10 credits of wait-list enrollment, however, you may not enroll beyond the maximum number of credits allowed for your appointment time: up to 19 credits for full-time undergraduate students and 10 credits for part-time undergraduate students. For the enrollment to be processed, you may need to add yourself to the wait list via a “swap instead of an “add."

Q: What is the first day I can get on a wait list? [show]

A: Wait lists are available after all students, continuing and new, have had the opportunity to enroll in classes, and are assigned by class level. Check your appointment times to see when you may sign up on a wait list. Students may add themselves to a wait list once the participating class has reached its enrollment capacity.

Q: What is the last day that wait lists are available? [show]

A. Wait lists are available until the day that class permission numbers are required. Once permission numbers are required to enroll, enrollment is by permission and the wait lists are purged.

Q: I see the wait-list icon next to the class but seats are available. How can I enroll? [show]

A: Enroll on the wait list. The auto-enrollment process will process wait-list enrollments.

Q: How often does the system check for open seats in classes with a wait list? [show]

A: Automatic enrollment from wait lists will be processed every half-hour during normal business hours. When a student drops a closed class with a wait list, the class will remain closed until the students on the wait list have been enrolled or skipped (if you try to enroll in too many credits or if there was a scheduling conflict).

Q: Can I take myself off a wait list? [show]

A: Yes. If you no longer want to be on the wait list or if you want to sign up on the wait list for another class, you may remove yourself from a wait list by following the same process as for a standard drop.

Q: How do I change sections on a wait-listed course? [show]

A: When adding yourself to a wait list, it is important to make sure you choose a section that fits in your schedule and that is either open or does not have many people on the wait list. If you receive a time conflict error e-mail from the Office of the Registrar, first attempt to change your current schedule. If the only way to resolve the time conflict is by changing your wait-listed section call the Office of the Registrar at (831) 459-4412.

Revised: 01/19/17