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Winter Quarter 2019

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MyUCSC Portal Password

Yours password is required each time you use the MyUCSC portal. Your password is assigned to you when you receive your student identification number.

We strongly suggest that you change your password and set up a password hint the first time you access the MyUCSC portal. You may select a minimum of eight characters (one character must be a numeral) as your new password. You may also change your password any time thereafter.

It is extremely important that your password remain confidential. Do not give it to anyone. If you forget your password or believe the privacy of your password has been compromised, email to reset your password.

Name Change

Name Change petitions are available online from the Office of the Registrar. A student who is currently enrolled or has applied to graduate and is requesting an official name change on his or her academic records must complete this form and present it, in person, at the Office of the Registrar. You must submit documentation showing legal change of name (court order) or use of requested name on official documentation (e.g., drivers license, social security card, passport, marriage certificate, etc.). You may also correct your name at the Office of the Registrar if, for example, it is misspelled or the punctuation is incorrect. Be prepared to show proof of the correctly spelled name.

When you file a Name Change petition, you may also order and pay for a new student ID card at the Bay Tree Bookstore Building.

Nonrelease of Public Information

The following information is considered public information and may be disclosed: name, telephone numbers, campus e-mail address, college, division, department, field(s) of study (including major, minor, concentration, specialization, and similar designations), class level (e.g. frosh, senior), dates of attendance, number of credits enrolled in the current term, degrees and honors, and name, weight, and height of intercollegiate athletes.

To have this information withheld from release, go to the Personal Information area on the MyUCSC portal and select privacy settings from the drop-down menu. Be sure that you understand the implications of filing this request. Every single item listed above will be withheld.

Once a Request for Nonrelease of Public Information is filed, it remains in effect—even after you are no longer attending UCSC—until you request to rescind it via the MyUCSC portal, or by letter.

Transcript Information

A transcript is an official copy of a student’s academic history at UCSC. Transcript requests are not processed if you have outstanding financial obligations to the university. Two versions of your official UCSC student records are available from the Office of the Registrar: with or without evaluations. See ordering transcripts for information about ordering transcripts and for transcript fees.

Transcripts with evaluations include:

Courses graded P, A, B, C, D, F, W, or I. NP will appear for courses taken fall 2001 and after. The grades of A, B, C, and D may be modified by a plus (+) or minus (-). Incompletes lapse at the end of the subsequent quarter; in letter-graded courses, the I lapses to an F, in Pass/No Pass grading, to a No Pass.

Degrees awarded, honors, number of transfer credits, evaluations of courses, and an evaluation of comprehensive examination or senior thesis also appear.

Transcripts without evaluations include:

Courses graded P, A, B, C, D, F, W, or I. NP will appear for courses taken fall 2001 and after. The grades of A, B, C and D may be modified by a plus (+) or minus (-). Incompletes lapse at the end of the subsequent quarter; in letter-graded courses, the I lapses to an F, in Pass/No Pass grading, to a No Pass.

Degrees awarded, honors, and number of transfer credits also appear.

Requesting a Transcript

The fastest way to order a transcript is via the web with a credit or debit card. Credit/debit card orders must be requested through Credential Solutions, a vendor that provides this service through an agreement with UC Santa Cruz. To use the online ordering system, go to Ordering UCSC Transcripts. Under Ordering by Credit Card, select the Credential Solutions icon. This is a secure, encrypted site. There is an additional $2.75 service charge to use this service.

Transcript Availability

Transcripts are available as follows:

  • approximately 10 days after the end of the quarter to include grades, or

  • approximately six weeks after the end of the quarter to include evaluations or a degree if applicable.

Processing/Mailing Time

Allow one to two weeks for processing from the time your request is received by our office. During the peak period (November through February), processing may take longer.

Rush Service: For an additional $23, you may request rush service. Rush service ensures your transcript order will be mailed no later than two business days from the day you receive the “Order Complete” email (excluding weekends, holidays, and campus closures).

You may request and pay an additional fee for your transcript to be mailed via next-day service. This service provides fast delivery and a receipt that the transcript was received by the recipient. This service expedites transit time, not processing time. Federal Express is used for all destinations, and it will not deliver to post office box addresses or on weekends. The additional charge for Federal Express within the U.S. is $20 for up to five transcripts going to the same address. The additional charge for Federal Express outside the U.S. is $30 per transcript (with or without evaluations). Please note that if the appropriate fee has not been received for next-day service, you transcript will be sent via regular mail.

UCSC Extension Transcripts

Transcripts for UC Extension courses can be found at the UC Extension Student Services web site.

Title IX Office

The Title IX office provides assistance in resolving and investigating complaints of sex/gender discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual violence (sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking). Additionally, the Title IX office provides education and training to prevent, raise awareness, and expand understanding of sex discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual violence. To report a possible Title IX violation, request training, or to ask questions about the Title IX reporting process, please contact Title IX Officer Tracey Tsugawa at (831) 459-2462 or by email at The UC Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy and the UC Santa Cruz Title IX Procedures are available to all students, faculty, and staff; in addition, the Resources & Options brochure provides information about reporting options as well as campus and off campus resources. For information about how to support complainant, rights of respondents, reporting responsibilities, and other available resources, please visit the website.

Revised: 11/08/18