Residency Tips

Helpful Information Through the Residency Cycle

Residency as an Admitted Student—after submission of Statement of Intent to Register

All admitted students must complete the Statement of Legal Residence (SLR) in order to be assessed fees accurately each quarter to help determine if you meet residency requirements. Below is an outline and helpful information that will assist with completing the SLR.

  1. Residence Determination. After submitting your Statement of Intent to Register, you will receive a residency determination of Instate, Out of State, or Pending Review in you Residency Information. Click Personal Information, then select Residency Information from the menu. If your status is Pending Review, you will be asked to complete another questionnaire, the online Statement of Legal Residence form.
  2. How to Complete the SLR. Instructions to navigate to the SLR will be located on your To Do List.  Students who submit their SLR by the deadline will receive priority review:
    • Freshman deadline–May 20
    • Transfer deadline–June 6
    • Graduate deadline–June 6

    If you are an incoming students under the age of 24, your parent or parents  information is used to determine residency for tuition purposes. You will be asked for information about your parents ties and time spent in California. It may be useful to have your parent(s) close by while you complete the parent information part of the SLR.

  3. Incorrect Determination. If you feel you received the incorrect classification, email
  4. Pending Review. The Residence Deputy will review your SLR and may request documents or more information before a determination can be made. Following the UC Regents Residence Policy and Guidelines, we determine if you meet the requirements for instate or qualify for an exemption of the Nonresident Supplemental Tuition.
  5. Documents Requested. The Residence Deputy will request documents in your MyUCSC portal To Do List and/or email. Some basic information about the requested documents may be found on UCOP’s website, but the documents vary depending on your individual situation. As soon as you receive a document request, get your documents together. You may need documents from your parents if you are under age 24 and their dependent.
  6. Check your To Do List and email.

Deadline to submit documents

To ensure your residency is determined before the assessment of fees in mid-August of the current year, you must submit all documents by the due date listed below:

Freshman–June 15

Transfer–July 1

Graduate Student–July 1

Revised: 05/07/24