Q: When did evaluations become optional? [show]

A: Evaluations became optional for undergraduate students in fall 2009, and for graduate students in fall 2010.

Q: How do staff access the evaluations system (NES)? [show]

A: Faculty Services staff have direct access to enrollment lists, course descriptions and evaluations by logging into the evaluations system website. (Faculty access evaluations via MyUCSC.) Faculty Services staff with the proper access can input or revise evaluations.

Q: How can I obtain access to the evaluations system (NES)? [show]

A: Staff request access by filling out the forms found on the evaluations page. All teaching faculty may access evaluations for their courses on MyUCSC. No account request is needed.

Q: How do I learn about missing evaluations? [show]

A: Effective fall 2009 for undergraduate students and fall 2010 for graduate students, evaluations are instructor-optional. To check on the status of mandatory evaluations, staff with access to the evaluations system (NES) can see a list of all missing evaluations by clicking on the checkbox above the Search button on the search page. Staff with access to Cognos Upfront can log in to get the Outstanding Evaluations Report (OER) and Timeliness Report. Any instructors with missing evaluations will be listed on the OER.

Q: Where can I find the Timeliness Report and Outstanding Evaluation Reports? [show]

A: Evaluations Timeliness Reports and Outstanding Evaluations Reports are available on Cognos. Staff are able to access these reports via Cognos Upfront. These are "drill down" reports that can be sorted by course sponsoring agency or by instructor.

Q: What if my question is not answered on this page? [show]

A: Questions can be directed to the Registrar's Office at nes@ucsc.edu, or 459-4682.


Revised: 08/24/17