Q: When did evaluations become optional? [show]

A: Evaluations became optional for undergraduate students in fall 2009, and for graduate students in fall 2010.

Q: How do staff access the evaluations system (NES)? [show]

A: Faculty Services staff have direct access to enrollment lists, course descriptions and evaluations by logging into MyUCSC, selecting the Resources tile, and selecting "NES Staff access" from the left-hand menu. (Faculty access evaluations in their Faculty Center in MyUCSC.) Faculty Services staff with the proper access can input or revise evaluations.

Q: How can I obtain access to the evaluations system (NES)? [show]

A: All teaching faculty may access evaluations for their courses on MyUCSC; no account request is needed for faculty. Staff can request NES access by emailing nes@ucsc.edu from their UCSC email account, cc'ing their supervisor, and explaining their business need for this access.

Q: What if my question is not answered on this page? [show]

A: Questions can be directed to the Registrar's Office at nes@ucsc.edu.


Revised: 05/10/24