Fields of Study

Undergraduate Education Graduate Education
B.A. B.S. Minor Certificate M.A./M.F.A. M.S. Ph.D. Designated Emphasis
American Literature:
see Literature
Academic English                
   Archaeology             c  
   Cultural anthropology             c  
   Physical anthropology             c  
Applied Mathematics              

Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Applied Linguistics                
Applied Physics              
Art and Design: Games and Playable Media              
Art History; see History of art and visual culture                
Asian studies: see East Asian studies                
Astronomy and astrophysics              
Astrophysics (see also Physics [Astrophysics])              
Bilingual-multicultural education: see Education                

Biochemistry and molecular biology

   Assistive Technology: Cognitive/Perceptual   c            
   Assistive Technology: Motor   c            
   Bioelectronics   c            
   Biomolecular   c            
Biomolecular engineering and bioinformatics            
Biological Sciences                
   Bioeducation c              
   Ecology and evolution              
   Ecology and evolutionary biology          
   Human biology              
   Marine biology              
   Molecular, cell, and developmental biology          
   Plant sciences              
   Biochemistry   c            
   Environmental chemistry   c            
Chinese language                
Classical studies (see also Literature)            
Cognitive science (see also Psychology)              
Community studies              
Computer engineering (1)        
   Computer systems   c            

   Digital hardware

   Networks   c            
   Robotics and control   c          
   Systems programming   c            
Computer science (2)      
Computer science: Computer game design              
Creative writing: see Literature                
Critical Race and Ethnic Studies            
Dance: see Theater arts                
Digital arts and new media (3)              
Drama: see Theater arts                
Dramatic literature: see Theater arts                
Earth sciences        
   Environmental geology   c            
   Ocean sciences   c            
   Planetary sciences   c            
   Science education   c            
East Asian studies              
Ecology and evolution              
Ecology and evolutionary biology            
   Applied economics and finance              
   Business management economics              
   Global economics              
Education (4)        
   Science, technology engineering,
and mathematics
   Bilingual-multicultural education         c      
   Multiple subjects credential (elementary)         c      
   Single subjects credential (secondary)         c      
   Language, literacy, and culture             c  
   Learning and teaching             c  
   Mathematics and science education             c  
   Social and cultural contexts of education             c  
   Teachers and teacher development             c  
Electrical engineering        
   Electronics/Optics   c            
   Communications, signals, systems, and controls   c            
English: see Literature, and see Linguistics                
Environmental studies          
   Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems c              
Environmental toxicology: see Microbiology
and Environmental Toxicology
Feminist studies          
   Culture, power, and representation c              
   Law, politics, and social change c              
   Science, technology, and medicine c              
   Sexuality studies c              
Film and digital media         • 
   Critical studies c              
   Integrated critical practice c              
   Production c              
French Language                
French literature: see Literature                
Games and Playable Media              
Geology: see Earth Sciences                
German Language                
German literature: see Literature                
German studies              
Global information and social
enterprise studies
Greek Language: see Greek and Literature                
Greek literature: see Literature                
Hebrew language                
   The Americas and Africa c              
   Asia and the Islamic world c              
   Colonialism, nationalism, and race             c  
   Europe c              
   History of gender             c  
History of art and visual culture            
   Religion and visual culture c              
History of consciousness          
Human language media and modeling              
Human Biology              
Italian language                
Italian literature: see Literature                
Italian studies            
Japanese language                
Jewish studies            
Language studies            
   Chinese c   c          
   French c   c          
   German c   c          
   Italian c   c          
   Japanese c   c          
   Spanish c   c          
Latin American and Latino studies        
Latin language: see Latin and Literature                
Latin literature: see Literature                
Legal studies            
Linguistics (5) (see also Language studies)        
   Theoretical linguistics c       c   c  
Literature (6)      
  Creative/Critical Writing             c  
   Creative writing c              
   French literature c              
   General Literature c              
   German literature c              
   Greek and Latin literatures c              
   Italian literature c              
   Spanish/Latin American/Latino literatures c              
Marine biology              
Marine sciences: see Ocean sciences                
   Computational mathematics c              
   Mathematics education c              
   Pure mathematics c       c   c  
Medieval studies: see Literature                
Microbiology and environmental toxicology (7)            
Molecular, cell, and developmental biology          
Music (8)        
   Electronic music              
Network and Digital Technology              
Neuroscience   •             
Ocean sciences           •   •  
   Biology (see also Marine biology)           c    
   Biological oceanography             c   
   Chemical oceanography             c   
   Chemistry           c     
   Earth Sciences           c     
   Geological oceanography              c  
   Physical oceanography              c  
   Physics           c     
Philosophy (9) •    •    •    •   •
Photography: see Art                
Physics (10)   •  •       •  •  
Physics (Astrophysics)    •            
Physics Education   •             
Plant sciences              
Playwriting: see Theater arts                
Portuguese language                
Psychology (6)            
   Cognitive psychology             c  
   Developmental psychology             c  
   Social psychology             c  
Religious studies                
Robotics Engineering              
Russian language                
Science communication: Science writing              
Scientific Computing              
Scientific Computing and Applied Mathematics (11)              
Social documentation            
Sociology (6)          
Spanish for Heritage Speakers                
Spanish language                
Spanish literature: see Literature                
Spanish Studies              
   Languages and Linguistics c              
   Literature and Culture c              
Statistics and Applied Mathematics            
Sustainability Studies              
Technology and information management        
Theater arts          
   Dance c            
   Design and technology c              
   Drama c              
Visual Studies            
Western civilization: see Literature                
Women's studies (see Feminist Studies)                
Yiddish Language                
Combined majors. In addition, students may complete a combined major leading to a B.A. degree in a number of designated fields. Combined majors currently available include those in Earth sciences/anthropology, economics/mathematics, environmental studies/biology, environmental studies/Earth sciences, environmental studies/economics, Latin American and Latino studies/politics, and Latin American and Latino studies/sociology. Students also have the option of pursuing a double major.
 c = concentration, or emphasis, within a program. Some programs give students the option of following a general course of study or selecting a concentration; other programs require students to choose a concentration. Consult the program on the page indicated.
1. A five-year contiguous bachelor's/master's pathway is available coordinating existing bachelor's degrees in computer engineering, robotics engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science and the M.S. in computer engineering..
2. A five-year contiguous bachelor’s/master’s pathway is available coordinating the existing bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in computer science.
3. A Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) degree is awarded in digital arts and new media.
4. Because California state law requires prospective teachers to earn a bachelor's degree in an academic discipline other than education, no undergraduate major is offered. All
teaching credentials are earned postbaccalaureate. UCSC offers the professional clear Cross-cultural, Language, and Academic Development (CLAD).

(CLAD) and Bilingual Cross-Cultural, Language and Academic Development (BCLAD) multiple subjects credentials, which are used in self-contained elementary classrooms (K-6) where all subjects are taught by the same teacher. UCSC also offers the CLAD and BCLAD single subjects credentials, which are used in departmentalized settings where the teacher is responsible for one subject (7-12).

5.A five-year contiguous bachelor's/master's pathway is available coordinating the existing bachelor's degree and master's degree in linguistics.
6. An intensive major is also available.
7. A five-year contiguous bachelor's/master's pathway is available coordinating an existing bachelor's degree from within the chemistry or biology programs (majors administered by the departments of MCD Biology, EE Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Biomolecular engineering) and the M.S. in microbiology and environmental toxicology.
8. A B.M. degree in music also available. A Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.) degree in composition is also available.
9.A five year contiguous bachelor's/master's pathway is available coordinating the exiting bachelor's and master's degree in philosophy.
10.A five-year contiguous bachelor's/master's pathway is available coordinating the existing bachelor's degree and master's degree in physics. Students in the B.S./M.S. path can purse concentrations in material and device physics, energy and the environment, computational physics, and medical biophysics.
11. A five-year contiguous bachelor's/master's pathway is available coordinating existing bachelor's degrees in mathematics, computer science, and robotics engineering and the M.S. in scientific computing and applied mathematics.


B.A. = Bachelor of Arts
B.M. = Bachelor of Music
B.S. = Bachelor of Science
D.M.A. = Doctor of Musical Arts
Ed.D = Doctor of Education
M.A. = Master of Arts
M.F.A. = Master of Fine Arts
M.S. = Master of Science
Ph.D. = Doctor of Philosophy