Women's Center

The Navigator 2012-14

The UCSC Women’s Center is a resource center located in the historic Cardiff House near the main entrance of campus. During the academic year, the center is staffed by a director, a program coordinator, and several student workers and provides co-curricular support to faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students. This support is comprised of educational, cultural, community-building and activist opportunities.

Founded on feminist principles, Women’s Center programs and referral services focus on critical issues to women and male allies, such as body image; self-defense (both physical and verbal); eating disorders; art as a revolutionary act; positive relationships; women in science, math, engineering, and sports; and community activism.

The Women’s Center is open daily Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m. during the academic year, and 9-5 during the summer. Students are welcome to drop by to study, check e-mail, use the computers to write/print papers, browse the center’s library, meet friends for lunch, lounge on the lawn, or attend a variety of interesting events.

To receive biweekly updates of women-focused activities and events on campus and in the community, subscribe to the electronic newsletter by e-mailing women@ucsc.edu. To get connected with other women or student organizations, activities, or volunteer opportunities, call 459-2072; e-mail us; or visit the Women's Center web site. Look for interesting social, cultural, and educational events at your Women’s Center—“on the edge of campus, for a reason!”

Revised 10/10/12