Degree Verification

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A Certificate of Completion is available to any student who has received a degree or has completed all requirements for the degree and has applied to graduate for a future quarter. Currently enrolled students or students who have not had all transcripts from other institutions evaluated are not eligible for a Certificate of Completion. These students should order an official transcript once their degree has been posted. (Your degree is usually posted to your transcript within six weeks of the end of the quarter.)

Certificates of Completion indicate the student’s name, the date the degree was or will be awarded, and the student’s major, college, and honors, if any. You may download a request for a Certificate of Completion. Include a check for $17 for each certificate you request. Certificates are available if you have earned your degree or, for future degrees, within 10 working days after notification is received by the student’s major department that all major requirements have been completed.

Revised 06/16/17