Graduation Certification

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The Office of the Registrar checks to see that all university, campus, general education, and college requirements are met. The department(s) for your major and minor, if applicable, verify that major requirements, including the comprehensive requirement, have been completed.

It is your responsibility to fulfill all requirements no later than the last day of the quarter for which you apply to graduate. You will be removed from the graduation list if the final graduation check reveals deficiencies. If you have an Incomplete in a course that is required for your major, minor, or university requirements, you will not be able to graduate until after you make up the incomplete work, and you must reapply to graduate for another quarter.

If you apply to graduate for a particular quarter but do not complete the requirements for graduation, your application will not be automatically forwarded to the next quarter and you will not be considered a continuing student. You must notify the records section of the Office of the Registrar by filing the Apply/Reapply to Graduate form.

Revised 06/16/12