Student-Directed Seminars

The Navigator 2012-14

As a regularly enrolled UCSC upper-division student, you may teach a lower-division seminar under faculty supervision. You will be designated an Apprentice Teacher (AT). Such a seminar must be sponsored by a course-sponsoring agency, such as a department or your college. The department or college must be satisfied that you are a generally superior student who will profit from apprentice teaching and that the course you wish to teach is worthwhile for your prospective students. The seminar must be supervised by a faculty sponsor who attends several course meetings.

Approval Procedure for Student-Directed Seminars

Start at least two quarters before you plan to teach the seminar. Discuss your proposal with your adviser. If you decide to teach your course through your department, your faculty sponsor must be a member of that department; the same applies to a college-sponsored course. Present a proposal or outline of the seminar to your faculty sponsor. Have your faculty sponsor write a letter of support, including a description of the sponsor’s proposed involvement with the course and designation of the appropriate 1-, 2-, 3-, or 5-credit value. Student-directed seminars do not satisfy general education requirements.

Obtain a Request for Course Approval form, supplemental information form, and the special student-directed seminar information sheet from the department or college office. Obtain a course number from your sponsoring agency. The course description, reading list, and other information you provide is carefully reviewed by your sponsoring agency, the appropriate division, and the Committee on Educational Policy, just like a regular faculty course, and must be available for review by the announced deadlines at least two quarters prior to the quarter in which you plan to teach. (Ask your sponsoring agency for exact deadline dates.) You will be able to find out if your course has been approved well in advance of the quarter during which you plan to teach by contacting your sponsoring agency. With your paperwork completed, you can concentrate on the teaching aspect of the course.

For the quarter in which you are teaching the seminar, enroll yourself in course 192 by using the class number obtained from your sponsoring agency during advance enrollment. This is considered an independent study course. When the course is completed, submit a report of your teaching experience to your faculty sponsor. Each student enrolled in the seminar also turns in a report on the course. The faculty sponsor has final responsibility for student grade notations and evaluations, but you probably will work together on them. In addition, the sponsor writes an evaluation of your work in teaching the seminar. This evaluation is entered in your record under course 192.

Revised 10/10/12