Limited Status and Second Baccalaureate

The Navigator 2012-14

Individuals who wish to pursue a second undergraduate degree after graduation from UCSC must apply for admission as a second baccalaureate candidate during the undergraduate application filing period. The new major must be substantially different from previous studies and must represent a legitimate change of educational interest. Completion of a previously declared double major is not allowed. Admission as a second baccalaureate candidate is subject to the approval of the department of the intended major. Students must enroll for at least three quarters, and are usually restricted to six quarters. Students seeking a second bachelor’s degree may receive William D. Ford Federal Direct Loans if they qualify.

Those who wish to attend UCSC after graduation to take specific classes without working toward another degree (such as prerequisites for medical school) may be eligible to enroll as limited status students and should apply for admission during the undergraduate application filing period. Approval by the appropriate department or college is required. Enrollment under limited status is limited to a maximum of three quarters. There is no financial assistance available.

Applications for a second baccalaureate or limited status will be considered when campus enrollment allows; however, priority is given to applicants who have not yet had the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree, and admission of second baccalaureate and limited status students may be restricted as a result. In addition, any outstanding debts to the university must be cleared before admission is granted. These programs also are open to graduates of other institutions.

Revised 10/10/12