Special Approval Courses (Individual Study)

The Navigator 2012-14

At UCSC students are encouraged to devise courses for themselves if appropriate courses are not offered in the curriculum. Special approval courses, also known as individual study, must be supervised by a faculty member and sponsored by a department, college, or division. Both lower- and upper-division courses are available. An individual studies course can be approved for either 2 or 5 credits. A 2-credit individual studies course requires about six hours of work per week, while a 5-credit course requires about 15 hours of work per week. In some cases, individual study may be carried on extramurally in the form of accredited field work; see also Field and Internship Programs. For specific course offerings, see the UCSC General Catalog. Some examples of individual study course listings are tutorial, group tutorial, field study, and independent field study. Credit by petition is not an option for individual studies courses.

Students without declared majors may not take more than seven credits of special approval courses in a given quarter. Students with declared majors must receive approval from their major adviser to take more than seven credit hours of special approval courses.

Petition for Special Study Courses

Use the petition for undergraduate special study courses. It is best to initiate this process during the quarter before the one in which you plan to do the study.

  • Outline your proposed course of study and obtain the approval of an instructor who is willing to supervise your study. The instructor also approves the number of credits (either 2 or 5) to be awarded upon completion of the individual study.

  • File the petition with the department, college, or division sponsoring your individual study.

  • When you receive your copy of the approved petition, class number(s) will be listed. Use the class number(s) when you enroll through MyUCSC. Make sure to enroll with the grade option approved on the petition. If you are planning a field study that is out of the area, be sure to enroll for the upcoming quarter before you leave.

Revised 10/10/12