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University of California Extension is the statewide, continuing-education service linking the university with the people and communities of the state. A catalog of current course offerings at UCSC Extension is available on the web and from the UCSC Extension Office at
3175 Bowers Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95054
(408) 861-3700

If you are regularly enrolled at UCSC, you may receive credit toward graduation for certain university extension courses. Courses numbered 1 to 199 are acceptable for transfer credit. The extension courses you wish to transfer will be reviewed to determine if they duplicate courses for which you have already received credit. The 300 and 400 series are professional courses and are not acceptable for transfer.

To have a course numbered 1 to 199 evaluated and the credit added to your UCSC record, request that an official transcript of your completed coursework be sent to the UCSC Office of the Registrar. You must have the approval of the chair of your department to use an extension course to satisfy major or minor requirements.

The Open Campus concurrent enrollment program enables qualified people to take regular UCSC courses through UCSC Extension. UCSC students who withdraw from the university are eligible for Open Campus concurrent enrollment.

Open Campus concurrent enrollment courses are transfer credit and are subject to Senior Residency regulations. Extension courses are not usually acceptable for financial aid purposes. Check with the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office about your particular situation.

Particular certificate programs within UCSC Extension have been certified for Workforce Investment Act (WIA) funding. Visit UCSC Extension website for further information related to WIA funding and UCSC Extension.

Revised 10/23/17