Letter Grades

The Navigator 2012-14

The final letter grades for courses at UCSC are A (excellent), B (good), C (fair), D (poor), F (fail). The grades of A , B, C, and D may be modified by a plus (+) or minus (-).

You will not earn any credit toward graduation for a course in which you receive a final grade of F. Courses in which you receive a grade of C-, D+, D, or D- earn credit toward graduation, but cannot be used to satisfy a major requirement or a general education requirement, and cannot satisfy a prerequisite for another  course. The courses in which you receive final letter grades (and only those) are used to calculate your grade point average (GPA). See the section on Grade Point Averages for details.

There are a few courses that are offered only for Pass/No Pass grading. This limitation is noted in the Schedule of Classes and the UCSC General Catalog. The final grades in these courses are not used in calculating your GPA.

Revised 10/06/15