Incomplete Grade Notation

The Navigator 2012-14

You must make arrangements with the course instructor before the end of the quarter to request an Incomplete. At an instructor’s discretion, an I grade notation may be assigned for work which is of passing quality but incomplete. If it becomes apparent that you will not be able to finish the final coursework before the last day of the quarter, let the instructor know as soon as possible.

Because an I grade carries no credit, you should talk with your college adviser about the possible consequences on your academic standing. Students already in academic difficulty could jeopardize their standing by taking an Incomplete.

To remove an Incomplete from a course, you must file a Petition for Removal of Incomplete and complete the coursework no later than the last day of the following quarter. The instructor may require an earlier date. (See Removal of an Incomplete Grade Notation, below.) You need not be registered to file a Petition for Removal of Incomplete. Once you have completed the coursework and the instructor has submitted the paperwork, the grade change will appear permanently on your academic record.

If the coursework and Petition for Removal of Incomplete are not completed by the specified deadline, or the instructor fails to submit a final grade, that course is treated as an F (Fail) or NP (No Pass), which will appear on your official transcript. A lapsed Incomplete is also noted on your internal record, which is used for academic advising.

Academic Senate Regulation 9.1.6 contains the general policy on Incomplete notations.

Removal of an Incomplete Grade Notation

If you have received a grade notation of I (Incomplete) for a course, you must follow the steps below to convert it to a final grade. If you do not complete this process before the deadline listed in the Academic Calendar for the quarter following the one in which you earned the I, it will become a permanent failing grade (F or NP, depending on the grading option you chose for the course).

  • Obtain a Petition for Removal of Incomplete form at the Office of the Registrar and complete the top section.

  • Take the petition with the completed coursework to the instructor of the course by the same deadline.

The instructor will complete the process. The instructor will assign a final grade for the course based on the work that you submit. That final grade will be reported to the department that sponsored the course, which will forward the completed petition to the Office of the Registrar. Your final grade will be officially recorded by the Registrar, and you will be billed the $10 fee.

Revised 10/10/12