Repeating Courses

The Navigator 2012-14

Courses graded P (Pass) or C or better may not be repeated for credit. A few courses are labeled “May Be Repeated for Credit” in the UCSC General Catalog. These are courses in which the course content varies from quarter to quarter. Grades are recorded for each quarter these courses are taken. Undergraduates may repeat courses in which they earn a C-, D+, D, D-, F, W, or NP. Courses with a grade of C- or lower may be repeated only for a letter grade and may not be repeated on a Pass/No Pass basis. Courses with a grade of NP may be repeated on the same basis or for a letter grade.

Degree credit for a repeated course is given only once. Hence, if you repeat a course in which you originally earned a D grade (and therefore degree credit), you will not receive any additional degree credit. If you repeat and pass a course in which you originally earned an F or NP, you will receive credit for the course. Your official transcript will record both the original course and the repeated course and the grades you got for each. (See Repeats for additional information)

The grade you receive when you repeat a course for a letter grade is included in your GPA. However, for the first 15 credits of repeated work, the grade that you originally received will be removed from the calculation of your GPA. Hence, repeating a course in which you got a C-, D+, D, D-, or an F (and getting a better grade) is an effective way of improving your GPA and perhaps your academic standing as well. If you exceed the 15 credits of repeated work, your GPA will include both the original grade and the grade that you earned on the repetition.

Repetition of a course more than once requires approval of your college.

Each course you repeat will be coded on your transcript to indicate that your cumulative grade point average has been adjusted in accordance with UCSC academic policies on repeated courses.

Academic Senate Regulations A9.1.8, 9.4.1.E, and 10.1.2 contain the general policies about repeating courses.

Revised 10/06/15