Minimum Progress for All Undergraduates

The Navigator 2012-14

An undergraduate student who is not making minimum progress toward a degree is subject to disqualification from further enrollment. As a full-time undergraduate student, you are considered to be making minimum progress toward the degree if you have satisfied all of the following conditions:

(1) You have passed (with a grade of D- or better or P) at least 36 credits for each academic year of full-time enrollment;

(2) You have earned an average of 12 credits or more for each additional quarter of full-time enrollment;

(3) You have earned four-fifths of credits attempted in part-time enrollment.

In determining satisfaction of minimum progress, transfer credits that you earned before admission to UCSC are not considered. Any transfer or Summer Session credit that you earn after admission to UCSC may be considered when satisfying minimum progress after it has been transferred and posted to your official academic record.

Revised 10/06/15