Formally Disputing a Grade or Evaluation

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If after discussing your assessment with the instructor you are convinced that your grade or evaluation was based upon non-academic criteria (such as ethnicity, political views, religion, age, sex, financial status, or national origin), or capricious or arbitrary application of academic criteria in a manner not reflective of student performance in relation to course requirements, you may officially dispute the grade or evaluation and file a grievance following the procedure described below. You may only file a grievance based upon evidence that the instructor disregarded your academic performance in giving the evaluation or grade. You may not file a grievance merely because you disagree with an instructor’s assessment of your work.

The procedure for undergraduate students to file a grievance for an assessment is outlined in senate regulations. The initial contact must take place within one regular academic quarter from the issuance of the grade or evaluation. A formal appeal must be filed within six months for summer, fall, and winter quarter courses or nine months for spring quarter courses of the date on which the disputed grade or evaluation was made part of the student’s permanent record by the Registrar.
Revised 09/07/17